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Enriching Lives with Jewish Wisdom

Judaism is about continuous learning, weather you are well versed in Jewish studies from your youth or you are just getting started now, Chabad has a class that will help you stay connected and fresh with your connection to Judaism 

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Start your week on a high note!

Wrap tefillin, say the Shema as part of the minyen, enjoy a bagel and lox breakfast, watch the the famed Living Torah video magazine and hang with the guys on Sunday mornings at 8am.

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Tanya Rabbi Moshe Shemtov

Sunday @ 9:15am



Join Leah and other ladies to explore timely messages Tuesday's @ 10:30am

More info here

Bringing Meaning to Your Week with Rabbi Moshe

Tuesday @ 7:30pm

JLI Rabbi Levi Mendelow

Tuesday 7:30pm

Three 6-week courses each year, check back for more info on upcoming course


JLI Rabbi Levi Mendelow

Wednesday 9:30am

Morning option of the JLI course


Women's Tanya Study  

Connect to your inner spiritual self.

Join Morah Leahfor a weekly dive into the Tanya

 Thursday @ 11am

Women's Torah Study with Morah Leah

Join Morah Leah for an inspiring and informative women's Torah study class every Thursday's @ 7:45pm on ZOOMFor more information and to RSVP email morahleah@stamfordchabad.orgClick here to join Zoom

Meeting ID: 203 561 9698     Password: Chabad770


Tanya Rabbi Levi Mendelow

Friday @ 9:30am

Torah Studies Rabbi Levi Mendelow

Friday @ 10:45am


Chassidus & Coffee Rabbi Moshe Shemtov

Shabbos @ 8:30am

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Women’s Tanya Study

Women's Torah Study

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