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The Cteen Network is inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, whose belief in the power of the youth transformed the teen years into a time of purpose and self-discovery.

Cteen harnesses the incredible potential of teenagers with awesome programs that bring teens together to give back to their communities and their environment.

Cteen events, including community service activities, debate sessions, trips and Shabbatons on a local and national scale, are a great opportunity to have fun with friends and have a Jewish educational experience, while feeling good about making this world a better place.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment where teens can learn about themselves through giving to others, identify with individuals who share the same faith, and will be part of a group that focuses on building core values and stresses positive character development.

2021-22 events

  • Sushi in the Sukka, Cteen kick off, Sunday September 26th
  • TGIS- Shabbat Dinner, Friday October 29th
  • Chanuka Party, Tuesday November 30th
  • Challah Bake, Thursday January 13th
  • Chabad Annual Gala, Sunday January 30th
  • Shalach Manos Packing, Tuesday March 8th
  • Purim Party, Wednesday March 16th
  • Pre-Pesach Matza Bake, Sunday April 3

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